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    Drug Formulas for TICKERmini

    Empower your compounding laboratory with cutting edge compounding strategies developed by our team of pharmacists.     In order to reduce the number of air pockets when filling TICKERmini and TICKER Transdermal Dispenser, our compounding pharmacists developed a new way to compound...

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    Protect Your Medications, Protect Your Pharmacy

    To evaluate the light transmission properties of a container, the accepted standard is the USP test for light transmission (USP <661>). According to the FDA, “Every proposed packaging system should be shown to be suitable for its intended use: it should...

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    The Next Generation Topical Dispenser--Today!

    TICKER, a state-of-the-art topical dispenser thrives in delivering small concentrated dosages of cream, gel, and paste-like topical formulations. Ticker is also ideal for vaginal applications that require higher precision and accuracy. With Ticker, physicians around the globe are now increasingly...

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