Introducing the first bi-audible, bi-tactile, and visual transdermal applicator with the highest accuracy, dose reproducibility, and ease of use – the HRTicker! This patented state-of-the-art delivery system provides accurate, reproducible, and specific dosing capabilities – as little as 0.05mL of medicament delivery per actuation, allowing for maximal dosing specificity to meet unique patient needs and a wide array of prescribing habits. Compact in size, sustainable and label-smart, the HRTicker is patient and pharmacy friendly, increasing compliance on both ends of the medication delivery spectrum. The HRTicker is available in different colors to assist with differentiating multiple prescriptions.

The HRTicker delivers the following:

5 actuations = 0.25gm 4 actuations = 0.2gm
10 actuations = 0.5gm 8 actuations = 0.4gm
15 actuations = 0.75gm 12 actuations = 0.6gm
20 actuations = 1gm 16 actuations = 0.8gm

Not only does the HRTicker deliver on accurate dosing, it also uses 30% plastic than other topical applicator on the market.

Starting at the beginning of 2014, we are now able to ship our product directly to Canada! Just call our office and we will make those arrangements!