HRTicker® Smart MDA

This one-of-a-kind topical metered-dose applicator delivers precise dosages of cream or gel medicament with the highest accuracy around the globe!  The HRTicker is easy to use, (i.e. 1-Click= 0.05g;  5-Clicks= 0.25g), environmentally friendly, and patient compliant.

The HRTicker topical applicator utilizes a unique patented technology; which makes it the first bi-audible, bi-tactile, and visual transdermal applicator on today's market. The result, accurate, precise, and flexible dosing capabilities – as little as 0.05g of medicament delivery per each CLICK.

Compact in size, sustainable and label-smart, the HRTicker topical dispenser is patient and pharmacy friendly, increasing compliance on both ends of the medication delivery spectrum. The HRTicker is available in seven different colors to assist with differentiating multiple prescriptions.


5 CLICKS = 0.25gm 4 CLICKS = 0.2gm
10 CLICKS = 0.5gm 8 CLICKS = 0.4gm
15 CLICKS = 0.75gm 12 CLICKS = 0.6gm
20 CLICKS = 1gm 16 CLICKS = 0.8gm

Besides its astounding accuracy and precision, the HRTicker topical applicator is environment friendly and uses less plastic than competing topical applicators in the topical delivery spectrum. CLICK HERE to view a summarized accuracy study with Medisca HRT base.  An accuracy and precision study using the HUMCO BHRT Base is coming soon!

The HRTicker topical dispenser is readily available for shipping in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico! Just call our company and we will make those arrangements!