HRTicker® Smart MDA

This one-of-a-kind metered topical applicator delivers precise volumetric dosages of cream and gel preparations with the highest accuracy around the globe!  The HRTicker is used primarily to dispense topical hormone therapy through compounding pharmacies internationally.  The HRTicker topical dispenser is easy to use, environmentally friendly, and facilitates patient compliance.

The HRTicker utilizes a unique, click-to-piston patented technology; which makes it easy for patients to visually "see" and audibly "hear" their exact dosages of transdermal hormone therapy being dispensed with just the turn of the dial. The result, accurate, precise, and flexible dosing capabilities – as little as 1/20th gram (0.05g) of topical medicament delivery per each CLICK.

Compact in size, sustainable and label-smart, the HRTicker topical dispenser is patient and pharmacy friendly, increasing compliance on both ends of the medication delivery spectrum. The HRTicker is available in seven different colors to assist with differentiating multiple hormone formulations.

HRTicker CONVERSION CHART (Click-to-Gram)

1 CLICK   = 0.05 gm 6 CLICKS = 0.30 gm 11 CLICKS = 0.55 gm 16 CLICKS = 0.80 gm
2 CLICKS = 0.10 gm 7 CLICKS = 0.35 gm 12 CLICKS = 0.60 gm 17 CLICKS = 0.85 gm
3 CLICKS = 0.15 gm 8 CLICKS = 0.40 gm 13 CLICKS = 0.65 gm 18 CLICKS = 0.90 gm
4 CLICKS = 0.20 gm 9 CLICKS = 0.45 gm 14 CLICKS = 0.70 gm 19 CLICKS = 0.95 gm
5 CLICKS = 0.25gm 10 CLICKS = 0.50 gm 15 CLICKS = 0.75gm 20 CLICKS = 1.0 gm

*Conversion Chart based accuracy studies for commonly used HRT Bases sold across the USA to compounding pharmacies. The results obtained are average values obtained from HRT bases with similar densities.

The Environment: HRTicker topical dispenser uses less plastic than competing topical applicators in the same category.

Accuracy Studies: CLICK HERE to view a summarized accuracy study with Medisca HRT base.  An accuracy and precision study using the HUMCO BHRT Base is coming soon!


The HRTicker topical dispenser is readily available for shipping in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico! Just call our company and we will make those arrangements!